National Lottery Regulatory


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The National Lottery Regulatory Commission hereby brings to the notice of the General Public, and all Lottery Industry Stakeholders that in exercise of its Regulatory Functions and desire to rid the industry of ILLEGAL and DUBIOUS OPERATORS and to instil Transparency and Accountability in the Lottery Industry,the Commission has embarked on a nationwide mapping of all Lottery Agents and Sub-Agents.

This is to ensure that all Lottery Agents and Sub-Agents are duly registered and properly certified. Only such Agents and Sub-Agents duly registered and certified by the National Lottery Commission and/or duly authorised by the State Agencies will be allowed to carry on the business of Lottery in Nigeria.

To this end, Agents and Sub-Agents can register IMMEDIATELY at:, to avoid the pains of business disruptions and enforcement.

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission therefore seeks the cooperation of all registered Lottery operators, the National Union of Lottery Agents and Employees, State Agencies in charge of Lottery Regulation, the Playing Public and other Sister Agencies in making the exercise a success for the good of the industry and our Nation.